Expecting baby girl O'Keefe

Only three weeks (give or take!) until we meet our baby girl! Eeeek! I managed to sneak in a last minute maternity session at the beautiful Manchester State Park in Port Orchard. I knew taking maternity photos myself this time around would not be as easy to do on my own with the little terror of a toddler we have, so I enlisted the help of my lovely sister to wrangle him in and get him to look at the tripod. We managed to get a few images of him cooperating but he mostly wanted to run around and climb on rocks. This little guy has no fear! Here's to hoping baby #2 is a bit more relaxed, for mommy's sake.

A note about my maternity leave: I am getting more HUGE and less mobile by the day (which makes it harder to carry camera gear, and chase little ones), so unfortunately will not be taking any more sessions from now through the month of April and will be a bit slower at responding to emails as we prepare for and adjust to life with our new addition. I will have limited availability for the next few months after that as we transition to a family of four, plus Luna! I plan to work on a few personal projects, so hopefully you will still hear from me! I'm keeping things flexible but will most likely resume more sessions in July. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me in the meantime about availability or just to say hello! Thank you for your patience! We cannot wait to introduce you to our little bundle of joy!